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Hello and happy belated Easter! I’ve actually been off getting married and spent a lovely couple of weeks in Thailand on honeymoon. I did fairly well by my own standards at switching off, but couldn’t quite give up the music! I went to a great little jam session in Chaing Mai at the North Gate Jazz Coop. Its a really small bar owned and run by local jazz musicians, and every Tuesday they have a very popular jam session. The place was packed and the customers spilled out into the streets. I was very kindly invited up for a little sing song, which was brilliant fun. North Gate Jazz Coop On our last night in Bangkok we went in search of some live jazz. There were a few different ones listed so we settled on a live quartet at the Hilton. Hmmm. It wasn’t jazz at all, and the place was dead so we then went on to the Mandarin Hotel where we were greeted by a fantastic jazz quartet, fronted by a brilliant singer called Ptah Brown . We hung out with her afterwards, and found out that she had sang with Art Blakey when she was 14! What a fantastic story. I also read a book that had been recommended to me shortly before I left called ‘The Baroness – the search for Nica, the rebellious Rothschild’. I enjoyed it sooooo much, it was a really fascinating insight in to her life. She was from the famous Rothschild family, one of the wealthiest families in the world, and gave it all up to support struggling jazz musicians in New York, most of all Thelonious Monk. There are so many jazz songs dedicated to her – Nica’s Dream, Pannonica, Little Butterfly, Tonica, Weehawken Mad Pad to name a few. It cost me 1p (weird) from Amazon so go buy it!

Clearly shows signs of being read in hot weather!

Clearly shows signs of being read in hot weather!

I’ve really gotten into reading autobiographies and biographies of jazz musicians and singers, and I wish I’d done it sooner. It helps tremendously to know about the background of this music and really gives me a deeper understanding of it. I’m now reading Horace Silver’s autobiography, which I’m loving, which leads me smoothly onto some gig news….

This winter I am taking to the road with my Horace Silver tribute show, A Song for Horace. Confirmed dates so far are October 18th at The Fisher Theatre in Suffolk, and November 7th at Chapel Arts in Bath. I’ll be announcing more dates shortly, but really hope to see you at one of them!

Well tata for now, and in the meantime I’ll see you over on Facebook. Also, I have a few little jazz gigs around London this month so check out the gigs page at http://www.louisedodds.com

Much love xx