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So….its been quite a while since I wrote anything. I’ve had my head in the sand! Since the end of 2012 I’ve been working on my new album and its finally finished! It will be released on 10th April 2013 and I’m launching it at home in Edinburgh at The Jazz Bar, with more UK dates to follow later in the year.

I’m really pleased with how its turned out, in no small part to the amazing team I worked with. I was fortunate enough to record with John Pearce, Dave Green, Steve Brown and Martin Shaw, and the incredible sound engineering talents of Derek Nash at his studio Clowns Pocket.

There are 4 of my own composition on the CD, and its the first time I’ve released anything original, so a little daunting but it also feels like more of an accomplishment than if I’d just released a complete standards album. I’ve also written a lot of the arrangements myself so all in all I think I’ve achieved something with this CD. Now lets see what everyone else thinks of it!

I’ve created a little promotional video with some audio clips to give you an idea of how it will sound:

I’ve also commissioned something to coincide with the release which I’m far too excited about! Going to keep it secret for now……

Other than that, I’ve been doing a LOT of gigs on the piano which I’m really, really enjoying, its definitely something I want to do more of in 2013.

Finally, I had the pleasure of seeing Bobby McFerrin live at The Barbican recently, front row seats too! He is probably the greatest live singer I’ve ever seen. Everything about it was effortless, and such an incredible amount of talent. Something to aspire to!

So I’ll be back once the album is out to let you know how its gone down!