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My main thing over the last month has been writing. Finally! Whoopee! And lots of new exciting projects as well, and its made me feel much more confident about my own writing skills. Its so personal, writing songs, and although you know deep down if its any good or not, it’s still daunting putting it out there.

Firstly, I have been asked to put lyrics to a couple of pieces by London based musicians. Both pieces are gorgeous but they weren’t able to write the lyrics themselves so asked me to do it, which I was more than happy to do as they’re both very talented musicians. They were both so delighted with the results which was a great feeling. I was also asked to write toplines and lyrics for a very popular electro dance duo through an agency – again the agency was really really pleased with my submissions. Just have to wait and see if they’ll use either of them. It would be amazing!

And last but not least, I have finally finished writing my own jazz album. I had planned on recording a new album of standards with a couple of originals thrown in, but the originals have kept coming and  now I think there will only be one or two standards, which is what I always wanted but couldn’t quite seem to get there. Now I’m trying to decide who to record with! I find it really difficult, there are so many amazing jazz musicians down here, but I want people that I also get on well with, who get on well with each other, and are into the style that I have written in. Its ready to go, just need to suss that out first!

I watched a documentary on BBC iPlayer recently which I found incredibly inspiring and I actually wrote a song straight after it. It made me never want to waste any time again and spend all day writing. It was about Jeff Lynne called Mr Blue Sky and if its still on, watch it! He is such an amazing guy but so shy and you never hear about him at all. He spends all day writing and has the most amazing house – instruments in every room which are all linked up to his recording studio. I want to live there….

Things have been going really well on the gig front too. I’ve been getting many private bookings for my own jazz group, which has been fantastic. I’ve also just been asked to join Todd Gordon on stage in Renfrewshire to perform some duets – I love duets!! Also, The Bellinis are continuing to go from strength to strength. We have finished recording our first album, which will hopefully be released this month, we have lots of bookings coming up until the end of the year and next year too, and we’ve had some amazing offers from very talented people.

The amazing Claudia Rose Carter is going to take some shots of the band in a few weeks, and the amazing Amanda from Lipstick and Curls has offered to do our hair styling for the shoot for free! We’re so chuffed about that as she is absolutely the best around at vintage styles. We’ve also been tweeted by lots of incredible people with huge followings, such as Wedding Magazine and Love My Dress Blog. I think 2013 is going to be the year of Bellini. Watch this space….

Anyway, ciao for now!