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Okay so its been quite a while since I last updated this blog. I guess I got a bit lost in what I was doing and where I was going. This week I took part in a course that was completely different from anything I’ve done before, and it spurred me on to listen to new (to me!) albums and artists, and it has inspired me to get back on the ol’ blog.

This week I took part in a course run by Voicelab at Royal Festival Hall down at Southbank, which looked at beat boxing, Indian singing, vocal percussion, looping and sampling. It was so different from the music I usually create and really got me out of my comfort zone for the first time in ages. I had actually bought a loop pedal a month or so ago but having tried it once, I put it back on the shelf, not really sure how to bring it to life and use it on stage. The beat boxing and technology side of the course was run by Jason Singh and he really brought my pedal to life! It was incredible. The Indian singing was run by Ranjana Ghatak, an incredible vocalist.

The course really brought my out of my own musical bubble and reminded me of everything else that is going on outside it. I find that I feel almost guilty if I don’t focus my musical energy on one genre, that I need to concentrate my efforts on it in order to really succeed at it. But listening and creating other types of music is so important and in turn, helps you to create something much greater than you could have ever done if you remained so insular. On the tube journeys to the course I started listening to albums I’ve had on my ipod forever but never listened to, and I found some music that I completely fell in love with.

Hopefully I shall remain inspired! But if it starts to lag again, at least I know how to drag myself out of it. Short courses (this was only 4 days) are such a great way to open up your skills, experience, inspiration etc – can’t recommend them highly enough!

As I’m starting to accumulate more and more equipment – in the last couple of months I’ve added in a new keyboard, 2 studio mics and a loop pedal – I’m so desperate to have a permanent space where everything is set up and I can just spend time in there playing, writing, recording. One day!

So until next time. I have some brilliant things coming up – another gig with the wonderful Lettie playing bass, my second overseas gig, this time in Portugal with The Bellinis and some brilliant London jazz gigs.

Now, where’s my pedal?