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Okay so I’m 2 weeks behind, but I have been moving house and was without internet for 4 days so hopefully that is a fair excuse. While I’m at it, please remind me never to move again unless completely necessary. It’s so stressful and I’m still missing several vital items!

So over a week later, I’m finally sitting on our sofa that arrived today (we’ve been sharing one incredibly comfortable armchair and one not so comfortable drum stool) and thought this would be a nice time to update you on my goings-on for the last two weeks.

In a week’s time I’ll be off to Milan with The Bellinis to perform at a corporate event. Very short notice but thankfully everyone was free. So hopefully this will be the band on the road to more of the same. I find that, so often in this industry, it takes ages to get onto a particular circuit, whether it be weddings, session work, or overseas work, but once you are on it, if you do a good job you’ll find that there should be more heading your way. Fingers crossed anyway. Not sure I’ve put up a photo of The Bellinis yet, so here’s a photo of myself and the other singer:

Other than that, things were pretty quiet on the music front the last two weeks, and after twiddling my thumbs for a while I convinced myself to get back into practising and learning new songs. I have around 300 jazz standards under my belt and haven’t learned any new ones for such a long time – I thought it would be better to re-learn the old ones to a point where I can sing the chords changes of each one without thinking – but learning these new numbers reminded me of how much I love to do that. I also got back into using practice CDs. For me, it’s a really great way to practice licks and chord changes and ideas. I use Jay Clayton and Judy Niemack’s practice CDs, and also a sing-a-long CD of bebop licks.

So up next for me is the biggie. I’m in the semi-finals of the Jazz Voices International Jazz Vocal Competition which takes part this week in Lithuania. I’m so thrilled to be in it and can’t wait to take part, although heading off to a strange land on my own is a tad daunting. But worth it if I win! So keep your fingers crossed for me please. I’m flying straight to Milan from Lithuania so I’ll be jet lagged but happy!

Ta ta for now.