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So, a wee bit late this week, but my head has been elsewhere. We’re moving flat very soon and it’s been very stressful trying to sort out a new place.

Anyway, back to the music! Last week was the first rehearsal for my new band, Cheap Date, which was quite exciting, as I’m playing electric bass for this. As much as I love singing, I can play a few instruments and always wanted to put it to good use, as it were. I’ve also started playing clarinet with a swing band, but more on that next week!

So I’ve started a girl band with some friends Rosie (keyboards) and Gemma (drums) and we hope to start gigging asap. We’ve been focusing on electro/rock/pop covers to start with, but who knows where it will go! Personally, I need to have lots of projects on the go at once as I hate not being busy. It’s also good to have your fingers in a few different musical pies so you are earning from several different markets. Unless of course you have the holy grail of one band that’s succesful….

Last week was also my first wedding of the year, playing with The Bellinis at The Talbot Inn in Ripley. It was a really lovely wedding, and the bride looked gorgeous. However, as with most weddings, they were running late and the venue had noise restrictions in place, so in the end we were only able to play for 35 minutes! Felt a bit sorry for the couple but they seemed very happy with their 35 minutes thankfully.

Until next time!