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So, week two, and what a roller coaster of a week it has been.

The week began with a photo shoot. I badly needed some new photos for my new promotional pack (still not finished!) so I enlisted the help of my friend and very talented photographer Claudia Rose Carter. We had decided to go with a 1950s diner theme and drove to Southend for the day. What a bizarre place! Its like the land that time forgot, but in a great way. Really nostalgic, old seaside town, with a GREAT diner called Bobby Jo’s. Worth popping down on a sunny day. Anyway, here’s a wee sampler from the day…

by Claudia Rose Carter

More to come! I’m still waiting for the promo video that we shot the week before to come through, so hopefully everything will arrive at once!

Tuesday was the most manic day of the week. In the morning, my other half toddled off to America for a 2 week tour with the band Crystal Fighters. If you’ve not heard them before, they’re definitely worth checking out. So I have been left to my own devices since then and have actually been very productive as a result!

In the morning, I had confirmation of another function gig through an agency, but this time for The Bellinis. So quite a good start to the day! In the evening was the bizarre gig of the year so far – a corporate event in Harrods food hall with the aforementioned The Bellinis. The run up to it was a tad stressful, but in the end it was actually quite a laugh and we really enjoyed it. We had our own assistant for the evening who followed us everywhere, arranged our food, took us wherever we wanted, (waited for us outside the toilet) and even put on my false eyelashes for me! Crazy. We received amazing feedback from the organiser though, so fingers crossed more to come.

Wednesday was mostly based at home, but was incredibly productive. This was the week I’d really started to focus on promoting myself and getting fully involved with social networking, and I really enjoyed it for the first time ever. And then Thursday came with a throat infection. As many singers will tell you, they like to come along on days when you have a gig, and I had a duo gig that evening at The Blind Tiger in Clapham. My voice was fine but I was exhausted by the end of it, and was for the rest of the week.